Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ben Carson

Yesterday we went to Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre to see Ben Carson  whowas a man who changed his life up side down. Pt England years 5-8 went along to hear his message.

Ben knows how your brain work and how you think. He came from a family that was poor and had no money to buy food. He told his mum he wanted to be a  doctor. So with hard work he taught himself to read and against all odds is now the world’s best neuro surgeon.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Paula picnic

On Friday it was so amazing because it was finally the school picnic.

Sport was cool when we went was  the best because I kick the ball and went into the water lucky it landed on the shallow part.

I so staving so I went and ate my cup cake. My lunch was yummy.

Diving in to the water, I liked looking under water because I saw a fish I tried to grab it.
As I grabbed it, it felt sharp, so I let go. I wanted it to come back to me.

I wish we could have a picnic every Friday cause it was fun.What a fun day we had at Pt England Reserve .