Monday, 25 November 2013

Being at camp benzon was absolutely fun .

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Next week Tuesday I'm going to camp at Kawa Island .I cant wait to go .
it going to be fun cause there going to be heaps of fun activeties to do

Monday, 4 November 2013

I heard a whisper but no one was there

1971 a man was killed down the road from us he was killed on the farm they call that farm whispers farm . The man that got killed was Minsene , no one liked him because he was always a angry farmer. He didn’t like when people like to come near his animals he will always tell them to get lost. Sometimes my mum will say to never go to the fence .
When Minsene died his farm got sold to another farmer he wasn’t mean like Minsene he was so kind he let us in the gate so we can pat the animals . His name was Natu  These , everyone thought he had a funny name his son thought it to but he didn't mind what they said .   

On one morning Natu and his son was out in the milking shed milking the cows what they normally do in the morning . There was one more cow to milk and Natu ask his son if he want to do the last one and his said yes , so he gave the milking to his son and took of. during milking the cow he was harming his favourite song and he stop. He heard a voice that said, “ooooeeee get of my farm”. That weird so he walked up the stair and stood there looking. Any one there dad is that you .

Ah! Ah!  Ah! Ah!  Ah! Ah!  Ah! Ah!   Dad ! He yelled his dad heard it as he was walking down the hill so he ran under the trees and into the shed and saw his son hanged on the pole so he took him of  . Who did it Natu said to his I did they both went around the corner and no was there his son said could you fix my scars dad.4 week later ..... it keep doing it until Natu son died after he died natu moved all the way to auckland .

to be continued ...................