Friday, 11 September 2015


Jacob the Great

Click to read the Text . This presentation is a presentation that  I've been working on .

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Miss New Universe New Zealand

Yesterday afternoon , the Miss Universe New Zealand visited the senior school.We had the 20 pageant finalist from Miss New Zealand  .Out of the 20 we  only had 16 arrive . Out of the 16 three got up and introduce them selves and talked about their life style and their background .It was interesting to know what they had to say . They inspired us heaps bye talking about how they were entrepreneurs and being enterprising and fundraising  for charity and bye telling us how they move forward .Today they are going to Manila Philippines to finalize who is Miss New Zealand . 

As the presentation finished , the 16 split up in to the five classes .We asked them questions like , what inspired them and have they had any challenges . Each said yes  , some of them had their own personal job and some of them work for company one of them even started her own plastic company .It was unfortunately the contestants had to leave .