Thursday, 12 June 2014

Level up

I have thought very carefully and think i am at level 1 because I can ‘t manage my self well when visitors are here and I still learning manage myself and my learning appropriately. Sometimes I need reminders of my learning and myself .I set good goals for myself and that is for me to stay focus on my learning by sitting with the right friends, space and place  .

Sound DLO

Smart foot print

  1. Always be original 
  2. Be careful what you search and what you do 
  3. You never know when some one is watching
  4. Always be cyber smart.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Writing sample

Ah! With yawn on my face I woke up like every day look at the time it was 7:30 so tired and had  a late night . I started to go back to sleep but my sister frightened  me with an toy cow, so I kicked  the blanket and into the bathroom. I snachted my tooth brush and saw there were no toothpaste so I remembered there were toothpaste in the draw . I got all that done and my dad came to pick me and siblings up to so we went .

Driving down the road I saw heaps of young  people not in uniform like me and strolling down the tired not like me thats why my mum and dad tell me school help have a good life . We were at school we hoped of and all said “bye “ .

School helps you heaps! In in life . It better to go and learn something then stay home and do nothing .

This peace of writing is an sample and we only go 40 minute to write it .