Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Why its important to know how to swim

New zealand  is surrounded by water and it more likely to die , did you know it only takes a teaspoon of water to  make you die.
Each year many children die by drowning . Thats why many people take there kids swimming lessons , they get more support in the pool and when they go to the beach they are comfortable in the ocean . Gaining our strength in swimming will help      

Drowning is consistently the third highest cause of unintentional death in New Zealand, behind road vehicle crashes and accidental falls. Water Safety New Zealand records drowning statistics, and produce reports, fact sheets and research based on these statistics.
Swimming could help you to not be afraid of your fears in the water . Swimming can help you in case you get caught out in some kind of disaster.

Don’t have to be a pro swimmer or an expert but you need to be able to keep safe that all it matter is  being able to stay  . Try and get support in case you get caught out in some kind of disaster .

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sound facts

Sound can’t travel through vacuum ( an area empty of matter ) .When you are  traveling through water, sound moves around four times faster than when it travels through air. Sound comes from vibrations. These vibrations create sound waves which move through mediums such as air and water before reaching our ears.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sound dictation

This is me and my groups first go at explaining sound
Like many terms in science, Sound is formed from a vibration and from mechanical waves. in everyday use, sound refers to what the ear can hear. Sound can be pleasant unpleasant hard or soft high or low. The scientific meaning of sound is based on an understanding interaction between matter and energy, what the brain hears of sound or interprets gets its start from the energy of moving molecules of air.

when a guitar string  vibrates energy comes from vibrations. these oscillating sound waves can move through substances like water dirt or solid rock.

Energy comes from vibration like a guitar strings.