Wednesday, 25 February 2015

First step

last November on one Saturday I was standing at my bedroom window staring at the tree on my front yard  I wanted to climb it but I didn't bother I was too lazy . I jumped on my bed with a big ahhh! I knew my little cousin Toni is here . As I focused on what to do an idea popped in to my mind. What if I made him walk that would be cool .

I rushed with excitement towards the bedroom he was in . As I spied to make sure he was awake.Toni sat up and looked cheerful at me. Looking at him so cheerful that made me to . I grabbed him marched with him joyfully down the hallway and into my room .

Stood him at the bedroom window and I sat down at front of the bed . I called his and told him to come , I did it  few times but it didn't work what are waste of my time I thought to myself . Then I looked at him and cried “ wasted my time “.He took his first step and then he fell on me , yeah !

I told my little sisters and my whole family that's how happy I was two weeks from what had happen and  I still tell people about it . My mum is sick and tired of that story .How he took his first step made me feel like I did something good . Always take you time and be patient .

Friday, 20 February 2015


In the street this year we have something called Zeal Zone it is kind of like tech but at school . Zeal Zone is divided into four groups . I'm in kai time with Miss Tele'a . Last week made raps . This Zeal Zone is all about healthy eating . What I learnt in this class was it better make your lunch then buy .

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My start

Kio ora my name is Paula and I are year eight. I’ve been at this school ever since I was five. I’m second oldest out of five children . I have big goals this year . I’m loving my new classmates and my new teacher .My favorites hobbies are playing sport going to church and maths .
I’m very good at rugby and league .

School takes a big  part of my life . I’ve always been told education leads to good things in life. Abraham lincoln is how I focus , He stood up for slavery and . “In the end it not the years in your life that counts it the life in your years” Abraham Lincoln .