Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Matariki stars

                Matariki stars

Matariki star rise up during the winter month .It is only 7 star that rises,you have to wake up before dawn. Did you know that dawn is just before sunrise  , people these days get together  It rises and it the Maori new year . The 7 stars represents the 7 sisters

Back when Maori people were still alive they use it for traveling and that how they got to aotearoa . farmers and  Maori people  used it for heaps of things like traveling .Farmers say, “if the stars are clear then it will be a warm winter and if it is not clear then it going to be a cold winter”.

All maori people celebrate the seven stars . The do hangi and call people over for a party.I hope you enjoyed and do you know the names for the stars.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Taniela,Tame and Paula ,Williams wheel of athilitic.

Title: Williams wheel of sport

Author:  Justin brown

Characters  Grace, William, Sprint, Williams Mum, Scout Porridge, Jesse,  

Setting: Athletics field

What was the problem? Scot always cheated

What was the solution? They solved it by winning

Was there a plot twist? They didn’t know that they were going to win.
My favourite part of the book was? When They won the whole tournament.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? I would make scout lose and  william Cheats  

Would I read this book again?Yes
Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Presintation about Learpord seals.

This is my D.L.O and I hope you get heaps of information from this presiontation.