Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My punctuation goals

Monday, 19 August 2013

three little pigs

Once upon a time in a farm named Ambury farm stayed three,they move out of there parents house.They were not brainy but one of them were.They traveled away from home they heard bad news , they said that big bad in town.

They  build first one of the pigs build out of hay .Second house was made out wood .Third house was not made out any cheap equipment,it was made out of brick. The big bad wolf came  across the hay house and said ”hey little pig let me come in”the little pig said “not by the hair of chinny chin chin”so he huffed and he puffed and he blew the hay house .He came past the second house and did the same thing and the same thing happened to the house.But the brick house

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

An Atom Apart

1. What are atoms
             A.   tiny particles that make up all matter.
             B.   tiny particles that can only be seen with microscope
                  C.   tiny particles that look like gnats
                   D.  tiny particles that are so large they cannot be seen

2. What does the word atom mean in the ancient greek.
      Answer : Somthing that cannot be divided any further

3. Complete the graphic organize

4 . What is quantum mechanics
    Answer : The study of atom and tiny particles that are even smaller is called  quantum mechanics

5. If you wanted to find the chemical element of an atom ,you would need to .....

             a.Know how many electrons it has                         b. Know how many protons it has
            c.Know its melting temperature                                  d. See it with a microscope

6. The auther begins this article by comparing a cloud of gnats to an atom.In this scenario ,what do gnats repersents? What does the person walking through the gnat represent
 gnats repersents Electrons                                   person walking through the gnat represent Nucleu

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Boy who cried Wolf

Once upon a australia live a man who had sheep.He was kind and loving with his sheep , so he told his son to look after the flock of sheep before wolve come and eat all of the.He got bored doing that job ,sometimes he just wanted to chase a wolf down to the flock

He had an a idea ,he would pretend that are wolf came to eat the sheep.”WOOOOOOLLF! WOOOOLLLLFFFF!” the boy cried ,all the villagers were prepared  with pointy fork stick , sharp knives and touches.When they got there a man named .Blacksmith said,”weres the wolf “ The boy said,”fulled yous”.One week after that he did it again but this time he put red paint on one of a sheep.

One evening he had to stay out all night and look after the flock of sheep.He herd the guard dogs barking,he stood up ,wolves it can’t be so he cried, “WOOOLLLFFF”! Running back with all his heart the whole vilage were at the bar playing card and drinking beer .”Blacksmith” the boy said, there is a wolf  out there eating the flock of sheep.

                                                        MORAL OF THE STORY :
                     Cry wolf unless you mean it

Monday, 5 August 2013

The wolf in sheep's clothing.

Once upon a time on a faraway land lived an old sly wolf. He was  as skinny as a piece of wood and long two desk ,he starved . He came across a kind shepherd feeding his flock of sheep. His stomach rumbled. He walked passed a tree and saw sheep’s skin.
He had an evil idea .His idea was to wear the sheep’s skin an pretend to be a sheep.So he went back to the pen of sheep and went with them into the paddock.

Sunset arrived and the wolf was together in the paddock with the big flock of sheep.The shepherd wanted meat for his dinner so he picked the skinniest sheep.They put the strange looking sheep ,they were shocked it wasn't a sheep it was a wolf .

The moral of the story is : Do not be something you are not