Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Visual Mihi

This is my visual mihi  .


How people spend a receive money ?What is money? Money is coins and banknotes used to buy or purchase food, clothing and many other things. Money is a real principle  to many people such as myself  and friends.

Where do you get your money?  Money can come from many places like from your parent’s, relatives, friends  and many others . I usually  get my money from parent for lunch , when there not enough time a to make lunch . How you get your money ?I get my money By doing chors and little things and I get  lunch money .Sometimes I win money in sports bets . In a very strict household money is hard to find money but chors might get money . Many kids are desperate for money  ? Because things like  candy , toys need money purchase if not you can't buy it .  

How you spend your money? Massive amount of kids in the world would spend it on sweets, Fact : Americans Will Spend 2.8 - 7 Billion on Halloween . I spend my money two different ways. First I purchase many things that I need, like toothbrush, pencil or stationary.

Money can be used for good and bad things. That why we should be careful with money. Many problems are happening in world because of money that's why we need to be careful in the present of money .