Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What I am still learning

this is what I am still learning and what I am still learning . As  you can I am learning about place values in whole numbers . And the is 60

Monday, 14 April 2014

Using Commas and "SPEECH " Marks


Comma - a pause

Use commas:

  • After and before direct speech.

“Help,” called out Serena. Joe said, “Get lost.”

  • To separate items in a list.

Ice cream, peaches, raspberries and strawberries.

  • To show a pause in a sentence with two  closely related ideas.

The dog loved chasing balls, running after them until it was tired.

Add commas where needed to the following sentences.

1. Mark had chocolate milk, ham sandwiches, crunchie bars, a pie and ice cream for lunch.

2. “ I’m sure I won’t get fat , ’’ he told his mum.

3. Dan was a great rugby player , and a good sport.

4. Kyana loved practising her poi skills , carrying her poi with her constantly.

5. “ Sione ,  “  said his mother  “Go and help your father with the dishes.”

6. I love to go to the beach , and collect shells.

7. My favourite foods are chocolate  ice cream ,  salt and vinegar chips , and chocolate mousse.


Put speech marks in the following sentences where needed.

1. “Isara,” come and help me, Sina said.

2. Cruz walked into the classroom and called out to his mate, “Can I borrow a pencil? ”

3. “The Mystics are going to win,” said Mrs Nua.

4. In the novel The Great Gatenby, by John Marsden, the main character Erle Gatenby says, “ “ “I’m cooler than a naked polar bear.”

5. “Get that dog away from me,” yelled Casey.  “It’s going to bite me!”

6. “I like the seaside - I grew up there, “

empathy recount

This movie to show how empathy works . This is my way showing empathy .  

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Paula FiaFia Rehearsing

I felt quite , mad of my self because everyone was looking at me .

      I was on the stage I felt  clutched inside my stomach and my face was red .

When Gloria introduced the Tongan boys onto the stage I felt like I was go to faint and gonna cry .

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Amazing nots today it is 50 knots and the forecast is very nasty . The cyclone is category 1 and the winds are making the most of it and some houses are down .
Where did this strong wind come from ,reporters all around new zealand are saying it came from the north pacific where fiji and tonga is around there.

They say it hit the north island first before it started to come down . Cyclon lusi is second tropical cyclone rains and winds .On that weekend it was pouring with rain the wind was extremely strong. Flipping over trampolines and basket ball hoop lusi was ruthless. Even though the winds were not as strong as expected.